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Romana Kryzanowska

Barbara Frisch studied at Pilates Seattle International, a Teacher Training and Physical Therapy Center, with Lori Coleman-Brown, Master Teacher & Physical Therapist, Sari Mejia Santo and Romana Kryzanowska who certified her in the authentic Pilates Method in Seattle in 2005. She continued to work at the Training Center until 2011. Having been exposed to all the valuable experience and expertise of senior instructors and Physical Therapists was helpful to Barbara in recovering from her own injuries.  Completing a rigorous 700hrs+ Training Program and having been able to observe many clients and teachers allowed Barbara to thoroughly learn the Method.  Barbara firmly believes that Pilates can reshape your life.  She is continuing her education annually with Master Teachers.
Barbara's background in movement includes Dance,Yoga and Feldenkrais. She likes to hike, bike and swim.
She has graduate degrees in Social Sciences and Horticulture and is currently nursing a desert chili pepper garden.
Barbara and her husband moved to Tucson in 2011. She worked at Ariella, A Pilates Studio, with Cate Morales.
A Typical Work Out 

In a typical 'private' session you work one-on-one with your instructor.
The session is 50-55 minutes long and will be tailored to your needs and fitness level. You will work with and without the equipment or a combination of both.

In a semi-private session you will have 1-2 partners working out with you.
Mat classes are group classes of different levels performed without equipment.

Barbara Frisch
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