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The Pilates Method

The Pilates Method is a system of physical and mental conditioning that leads to a fully balanced body/mind integration. Joseph Pilates' vision was of a healthier lifestyle, moving toward greater enjoyment of life and increased functionality. He has put together a sequence of exercises that works your whole body and helps you to establish an everyday work out routine. The exercises all center around the abdominals, lower back, hip and buttock muscles which he called "The Powerhouse". The Pilates Method is a system of dynamic stretches, strengthening and toning, to help you develop a strong "powerhouse", in order to face daily life with strength, flexibility, balance and grace. The results are evident in better posture, improved circulation, deeper breathing and increased energy. Through concentration, centering and imagination body awareness increases. The sequence of exercises used in the Pilates Method demand your full attention and participation. This, in many cases, is what really differentiates Pilates from a "mindless"  workout at the gym. Pilates is not about "how many 
repetitions or sets" you do but about how each exercise is performed. This is a much more efficient and safe way to work out. "Quality versus Quantity"!

Pilates is an excellent method of strengthening, toning, and reshaping the body while providing a renewed sense of physical grace and personal accomplishment.  For those who haven't experienced Pilates, Fulcrum Pilates is the perfect place to find out what it's all about; intermediate and advanced students will find it an ideal place to maintain and improve their practice.  Barbara's teaching method is cheerful and positive while giving expert instruction to the smallest details.  Her genuine interest in each student's improvement and her consistent instruction provide for continuing advancement.  The studio has top of the line equipment, a friendly atmosphere, and a feeling of positive energy.  As a student, I feel taller, stronger and improved both mentally and physically after every class.  I highly recommend it!

Darlene B
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